Our Staff

Sidney Parks
Sidney Parks is a junior at SCAD Atlanta, with a major in illustration. He can usually be seen wearing clothes that make him look like a sad, hipster mime. editor@scadconnector.com
Katie Miller
Copy Editor
Katie is a soft-spoken writing major who believes that when used for good, words become the ultimate super power. She is also a devoted lover and maker of books. To write and bind her own novel is one of her greatest ambitions. copy@scadconnector.com
Emma Dakin
News Editor
Emma is a graphic design major with an interest in the world of public affairs and journalism. Her level of motivation is entirely dependent on how much coffee she's had, so she keeps a cup nearby at all times. news@scadconnector.com
Molly Morris
Arts and Entertainment Editor
Molly Morris is a Junior at SCAD majoring in Graphic Design. She stays inspired by eating great food, traveling the world and seeks constant adventure. Her life is a little too much imagination, and not enough dragons. entertainment@scadconnector.com
Maya Anders
Features Editor
Maya Anders is an MFA, Advertising graduate student, freelance advertising consultant and emerging Fashion Filmmaker. She has held both managerial and executive level positions within the Advertising and Media Sales industries. Prior to SCAD, Maya attended The New School University where she studied Film and Media and AMDA: The American Musical and Dramatic Academy, where she studied musical theater. features@scadconnector.com
Anya Haber
Style Editor
Anya Haber is a junior studying Fashion with a minor in Business Management and Entrepreneurship. She transferred to SCAD from AAU, located in Prague, where she studied International Relations and Business Administration. She is also known as Kelly to her family and, unfortunately, some of the SCAD administration. fashion@scadconnector.com
Jarrod Fouts
Opinions Editor
Jarrod Fouts is a senior year writing major at SCAD Atlanta. He's been in SCAD's writing program since 2012 and worked with SCAN/The Connector since 2014. He's taking his last two classes now and will soon be out there working hard to carve out a spot for himself in the writing world. He admits that it's pretty scary and at times feels like an out of control dream, but he wouldn't have it any other way. opinions@scadconnector.com
Catherine Munsey
Illustration Editor
Tyler McClelland
Photo Editor
Tyler McClelland is pursuing her bachelors in Photography with a double minor in Fashion Design and Fashion Photography. Creatively influenced by cinematography and inspired by film and theater, she uses storytelling techniques for her work in both fashion and photography. Tyler aspires to use her artwork as a form of communication, personally and commercially. photo@scadconnector.com
Azarya Mukhi
Art Director
Azarya is a Junior at SCAD Atlanta, majoring in Graphic Design from Jakarta, Indonesia. She has a strong love for eating foods from all over the world, as well as traveling. If she isn’t responding to any of your messages she is probably asleep so stress less! art@scadconnector.com
Tori Hurlburt
Creative Director
Tori Hurlburt is a junior majoring in Game Development. They are always looking for new programs to learn and new experiences to discover. They aspire to one day become a director or manager of a game development group. Besides art and games, they love music and will eagerly talk up a storm to anyone who mentions that they play an instrument. creative@scadconnector.com
Kiki Johnson
PR Director
Kiki Johnson is an Animation major and Visual Effects/Storyboarding minor at SCAD Atlanta. If she isn’t geeking out over various things, she’s probably asleep. pr@scadconnector.com
Jessica Clary
Staff Adviser
Jessica Clary has served as staff adviser for SCAN and The Connector since 2010, and has been involved with SCAD student media since 2003. jclary@scad.edu
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