SCAD Atlanta Staff Information

This list is updated quarterly and includes SCAD Atlanta staff members you may need to contact for various reasons. For contact information, visit MySCAD. Last updated Wednesday, March 13, 2019.

Student Success
Luke Buckovich, Dean of Students
Raymetta L. Johnson-Bracey, Student Success Coordinator

Student Success and Advising
Dana Pourciau, Director of Student Success and Advising
Adviser to industrial design B.F.A. and user experience B.F.A. students, non-degree seeking students and undergraduate English as a second language.
Interim adviser to painting B.F.A., printmaking B.F.A. and sculpture B.F.A. students.

Travis Batiste, Student Success Adviser
Adviser to animation B.F.A. students. 

Casey Duthiers, Student Success Adviser
Adviser to writing B.F.A. students. 

Keatta Jerry, Student Success Adviser
Adviser to fashion B.F.A. and fashion marketing and management B.F.A. students. 

Heather Rose, Student Success Adviser
Adviser to advertising and branding B.F.A., branded entertainment B.F.A., illustration B.F.A., sequential art B.F.A., photography B.F.A. and visual communication B.A. students with photography concentration. 

Scott Stephens, Student Success Adviser
Adviser to graphic design B.F.A. and visual communication B.A. students with graphic design concentration, motion media B.F.A., interactive design and game development B.F.A. and digital media B.A. students with interactive design and game development concentration.

Michelle Garrigan-Durant, Graduate Academic Adviser
Adviser to graduate students in business design and arts leadership, creative business leadership, fashion, illustration, interior design, luxury and fashion management, painting, printmaking, photography and writing. 

Tamara Joyner, Graduate Academic Adviser
Adviser to graduate students in advertising, animation, film and television, graphic design, motion media design, sculpture and sequential art and visual effects. 

Career and Alumni Success
Chrissy Terry, Director of Career and Alumni Success
Adviser to students and alumni in interior design. 

Bianca Townsend, Industry and Alumni Engagement Manager
Adviser to students and alumni in fashion marketing and management and luxury and fashion management.  

Katie Mahany, Industry Relations Program Manager
Adviser to students and alumni in creative business leadership, fashion, industrial design and writing. 

Richard Goodwin, Career Adviser
Adviser to students and alumni in advertising, branded entertainment, graphic design, illustration, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, sequential art and user experience design. 

Allyssa Lewis, Career Adivser
Adviser to students and alumni in animation, film and television, interactive design and game development, motion media design, television producing and visual effects.

Counseling and Student Support Services
Christie Simons, Director of Counseling and Student Support Services
Ashley Douglas, Counselor and Accommodations Specialist
Rebecca Frost, Accommodation Support Specialist

Student Life
Miranda Thomas Scurlock, Director of Student Life

Residence Life and Housing
Genae Dorsett, Assistant Director of Residence Life and Student Conduct
Traci Hudgin, Spring House Residence Director
Sandrine Irankunda, ACA House and Brookwood Courtyard Residence Director

Student Financial Services
Jeanette Rawlins, Student Financial Support Specialist
Lauren Rutledge, Student Financial Services Coordinator

Glen Hill, Athletic Director

Michael Caldwell, Head Coach, Cross Country / Track
Wyatt Graff, Head Coach, Golf
Bill Johnson, Assistant Coach, Bowling
Michael McNeely, Head Coach, Bowling
Amyn Mukadam, Head Coach, Tennis
Tina Pic, Head Coach, Cycling
Dmitri Romankov, Head Coach, Fencing

Fitness, Recreation and Intramurals
Leslee LeBouton, Director of Fitness, Recreation and Intramurals

Student Media
Jessica Clary, Assistant Director of Student Media

Academic Support Resources

Teresa Burk, Head Librarian
Sarah Cruz, Catalog Librarian
Marcie Helms, Library Associate
Catherine W. Manci, Research & Instruction Librarian
Elliot McNally, Special Collections Librarian
Michael Varin, Access Services Librarian

Academic Resource Network
Jennifer Hartshorn, Coordinator of Learning Assistance Programs
John Coopman, Academic Writing Specialist

Instructional Technology
Travis Dodd, Operations Coordinator
Stephen Bodnar, Sculpture Shop Operations Manager
Jennifer Pitts, Equipment checkout and Studio Coordinator
Tenley Strickland, Resource and Project Coordinator, School of Fashion

Academic Services Administration

Scott Linzey, Interim Vice President for SCAD Atlanta
Dr. Teresa Griffis, Vice President for Instructional Engagement

Hannah Flower, Vice President for International Student Services and Legal Services

Dale Clifford, Dean of Academics
Dejan Agatonovic, Associate Dean, School of Fashion, School of Building Arts
Dean Ballas, Associate Dean, School of Communication Arts, School of Fine Arts
Denise Smith, Associate Dean, School of Liberal Arts, School of Design
Evelyn Bonham, Assistant to Vice President for International Student Services and Legal Services
Stephanie McFarlane, Assistant to Dean of Academics
Carmen Taylor, Assistant to Associate Deans for School of Design, School of Digital Media and School of Liberal Arts

University Resources

Public Safety
John Crowe, Director of University Safety
Eric White, University Safety Operations Manager
Kevin Anderson, University Safety Operations Manager

Mailroom Operations
Gary Owens, Distribution and Receiving Specialist
Clay Taylor, Distribution and Receiving Specialist