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The Connector

After the recent snowstorms and school closings, many SCAD Atlanta students wondered about the decision to hold make-up classes on a Saturday. Never before in SCAD Atlanta’s history have classes been canceled for an entire day, let alone an entire week.

“The reason for the one class on Saturday is that there were so many classes to make up before the end of the quarter,” said P.J. Johnson, SCAD Atlanta vice president. He said that when trying to reschedule other make-up days, “some of the remaining Fridays were unavailable because other activities were already scheduled. We regret any inconvenience caused by the Saturday class and hope everyone will understand this was a very unusual circumstance.”

Make-up days for the other three snow days will go as follows:

Tuesday make-up Friday, Jan. 28

Wednesday make-up Friday, Feb. 4

Thursday make-up Friday, Feb. 18.