Photo Essays

‘Island Views’

Being raised in the twin island paradises of Trinidad and Tobago, I experienced the tropical vibes of the Caribbean every day. I like it here in Atlanta but it's so
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‘The Modern Venus’

Written and photographed by Chuyue Wen I am a fourth-year student at SCAD Atlanta majoring in photography with a minor in fashion photography. Art has always been a big part
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‘Up Close’

Written and photographed by Daniella Almona I am a first-year student at SCAD Atlanta currently majoring in advertising and branding with a minor in fashion photography. My art is recognized
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Written and photographed by Gabriella Wyke I am a 23-year-old artist from Trinidad and Tobago currently residing in Atlanta. I am pursuing a bachelor of fine arts in photography at
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The jellyfish within

by Odette De Camier. Don't be daft, I am not a jellyfish. I am human, but I can relate to the universal experience we all share. These creatures might be
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Written and photographed by Ben Rhodes My name is Ben Rhodes but you can call me Benji. I’m a first-year film and photography student. For most of my life, I’ve
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