Our Staff

Alexus Graham

Alexus is a third-year fashion marketing and management student. She loves the ways in which fashion can be used to create an entire human experience deeper than its superficial value.


Mikael Trench
Arts and Entertainment Editor

Mikael Trench is a third-year animation student hoping to specialize in stop motion. He has a deep passion for all things animation, sci-fi and horror. He is also the self-proclaimed biggest fan of Quentin Tarantino.


Tyler Judson
Creative Director

Tyler is a third-year photography student with a passion for fashion, film and conceptual makeup. He dabbles in all forms of media and likes to incorporate different styles of art into his work. In his spare time, he enjoys binge-watching his favorite TV shows.


Rachita Vasandani
Copy Editor

Rachita is a third-year writing student with dreams of getting a Ph.D. in writing. Raised in Australia, she has a deep love for the outdoors and is constantly travelling the world. She plays golf for SCAD, and when not on the golf course, can be found snuggling her cats.


Josiah Persad
Photo Editor

Josiah is a first-year film and television student. With a passion for visual storytelling, he specializes in live performance, commercial, and fashion videography and photography. Apart from school and his work, he enjoys traveling, going to concerts and watching adventure films.


Valeria Brugueras
Style Editor

Valeria is a third-year fashion marketing and management student with a minor in fashion journalism. She is fascinated with how color and shape can be utilized as an interpretation to attain a specific image.


Manav Chordia
Features Editor

Manav Chordia is a third-year writing student who loves writing memoir, poetry and fiction. Hailing from the cultural capital of India—Chennai, he loves crafting his work through a provocative and promiscuous lens. Manav is an adventurous risk-taker who is unapologetic and loyal to his beliefs.


Dasha Egudkina
Multimedia Editor

Dasha is a first-year illustration student, whose greatest non-artistic achievement is quoting most episodes of "The Office" verbatim. Lover of everything from vis-dev to classical oil painting, she always carries at least three sketchbooks and spends majority of her time drawing no matter the place or time.


Roberta Nicastro
Art Director

Roberta is a third-year graphic design student with a passion for print publication and typography. Born in Brazil, she pulls much of her inspiration from her culture and finds the relationship between design and psychology a fascinating one. If she is not designing, you will either find her sleeping or with a giant cup of coffee on the nearest couch.


Anya Haber
Editor Emeritus

Anya is a fourth-year fashion student with a minor in business. Her design aesthetic focuses on the intersection of art, science and design. She studied international relations and business administration in Prague, Czech Republic before coming to SCAD.

Jessica Clary
Staff Adviser
Jessica Clary has served as staff adviser for SCAN and The Connector since 2010, and has been involved with SCAD student media since 2003.


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