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Emma Dakin
Emma is currently pursuing a B.F.A. in graphic design with a minor in photography. She enjoys British television shows and befriending other people's pets, and she firmly believes coffee is its own food group.
Tyler Spinosa
Copy Editor
Tyler is a writing major who is clever, awesome and above all, humble. He loves to watch weird TV and stand-up comedy in his spare time.
Arundhati Prasad
News Editor
Arundhati is a third-year advertising major. She loves people watching and taking horizontal photos of doors and windows.
Logan Hughes
Features Editor
Mikael Trench
Arts and Entertainment Editor
Mikael Trench is a freshman at SCAD where he majors in animation. He has a deep passion for all things animation, sci-fi, horror and Quentin Tarantino. Mikael has created a host of stop-motion short films that can all be found on his YouTube channel, Cyclops Studios.
Molly Moran
Style Editor
Molly is a luxury and fashion management graduate student here at SCAD. Molly received her bachelor's degree in integrated marketing communications at the University of Mississippi, and she is now a full-time graphic designer for a store called Swoozies in Norcross.
Allison Bolt
Opinions Editor
Conrad Maxwell-Girod
Photo Editor
Alexandra Badiu
Multimedia Editor
Anya Haber
Creative Director
Anya was the fashion editor for a year before taking on the role of creative director. A fashion major with a minor in business, her design aesthetic focuses on the intersection of art and science and sustainability. Her passions include travel, political activism, and binge-watching new series on Netflix.
Cody Delong
Art Director
Katie Howard
Art Director
Brooke Garnett
PR Director
Brooke Garnett is in her junior year at SCAD pursuing a B.F.A. in fashion marketing. She spends most of her time working, but when she does have a minute away from work, she is enjoying her secret life as a cat lady.
Jessica Clary
Staff Adviser
Jessica Clary has served as staff adviser for SCAN and The Connector since 2010, and has been involved with SCAD student media since 2003.

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