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Professor Carl Lindstrum (l) with students after impromptu class outside, following anonymous bomb threat. From left, seated, Liza Spratin (second-year, interior design), Delinda Gentry (second-year, painting), Rachel Henderson (first-year, fashion) and David Hixon (second-year, animation). Photo by Osayi Endolyn.

Monday morning at SCAD Atlanta started out like any other work day — until the fire alarm went off just before the 8 a.m. class.

An anonymous bomb threat was called in at 1600 Peachtree, forcing SCAD Administration to notify Atlanta police and issue an immediate evacuation of the building.

“I was in the elevator just as the doors were closing, then the alarm started,” said David Hixon, second-year student in animation. “At first I wondered if I’d hit a button by mistake.”

Students, staff and faculty left the building on foot, walking across Peachtree Street to the Digital Media Center, or down SCAD Way to Spring House, a residence hall located behind the main building.

In spite of the emergency, classes continued outside for some students. Carl Linstrum, professor of foundation studies, kept his Drawing II class focused on the lesson at hand.

“It’s class al fresco,” he said, with his students gathered around him in the Spring House parking lot. “I didn’t see any reason why we couldn’t continue. I did a pastel demonstration,” he went on.

Linstrum’s students were done with their impromptu outside class at 10:30 a.m., but still could not leave. Their vehicles were parked in the main building parking deck, and were not accessible while police were conducting their investigation.

Professors of foundation studies Marcia Cohen (l) and Lisa Hart. Photo by Osayi Endolyn.

Inside Spring House, the computer lab was overflowing with students who would normally be working in the main building labs. In the lobby, professors Marcia Cohen and Lisa Hart set up shop to get work done.

Hart had just wrapped up her 8 a.m. class on Color Theory, which she elected to continue off of SCAD Way. “We focused a lot on the color green,” Hart said, referencing the lawn.

Cohen did not have a morning class, but was waiting to get access to the main building. As fire captain of the 4th floor, Cohen was responsible for ensuring everyone on that level left the building as instructed.

Karen Adkins (l) and Leslie Shelton of Counseling and Student Support Services anticipate news on access to 1600 Peachtree. Photo by Osayi Endolyn.

“We didn’t have any problems,” she said.

Several staff members were also left waiting until news became available.

Karen Adkins, counselor and disability specialist of Counseling and Student Support Services was standing by for updates.

“I’m on call as a counselor,” she said, “so I’m not going anywhere in case students are in need.”


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