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Summer Seminar students review back issues of SCAN Magazine.

From June 19 to July 2, SCAD Atlanta was filled with high school students enrolled in the Summer Seminars program. The program is offered to students who have completed up to their junior year and gives a preview of what it’s like to attend SCAD. For one week, attendees participate in morning and afternoon workshops ranging from printmaking to figure drawing. Students enrolled in this program reside at Spring House.

One of the perks offered to students in the summer seminar program is a tour of student media facilities at Spring House, including SCAD Atlanta Radio and The Connector offices. While visiting SCAD Atlanta Radio, students were able to see the studio and record their own show. Those taking the tour were also able to see learn how the staff at The Connector gathers information and brainstorms story ideas and issues to be published. SCAN in particular proved to be popular as many students were eager to take back issues home to show their families.

Students from all over the U.S. attended. “I’m taking a figure drawing class in the morning that I really love,” said Amanda Fuson from St. Joseph, Missouri. “The teacher is awesome and everything we’ve done so far has really helped me improve and look at my drawings from different perspectives.”

Grace Liao from Palo Alto, California also had good things to say about her experience. “It’s not my first trip away from home without my parents, but definitely the most fun. I am really excited about making silkscreens. I am so glad I chose that class.”