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The Connector

Every quarter, SCAD Atlanta offers a free bus ride and a free lunch for students who want to visit the SCAD Museum of Art in Savannah. Last week, students endured the five-hour ride to experience the work of artists typically seen only in textbooks. Included in the current exhibition are the works of two photographers, installation artist Glen Fogel, whose exhibition runs through Sunday, May 28 and conceptual photo artist, Hank Willis Thomas, whose exhibition runs through Sunday, Aug. 20.

Alejandra Cabrera, a luxury and fashion management graduate student, said the trip was equally inspiring and enjoyable.

“Visiting the SCAD Museum was a great and inspirational experience,” said Cabrera. “As we were lead on a tour of each gallery, it felt like a journey through amazing and meaningful stories being told by each piece of art.”

If you were not able to attend, now is the perfect time to take a road trip and experience the work of these renowned artists in person.

Students view the work of Hernan Bas. Photo by Alejandra Cabrera.