Photo by Molly Moran.

Have you ever used one of IKEA’s blue plastic totes for your own personal fashion needs? If not, the fad is about to make a huge appearance. Don’t worry, it’s only 99 cents.

Balenciaga, a leader in the luxury fashion industry, just came out with a large blue tote bag that looks dangerously similar to IKEA’s plastic Frakta bag. The major difference is Balenciaga’s bag is priced at more than $2,000.

In an attempt to alleviate the tension on the matter, IKEA has responded to the claims that the two bags are seemingly the same by turning to the Swedish creative agency, Acne, to come up with an advertisement for the original IKEA bag. Instead of pointing fingers or claiming creative copyright, IKEA and Acne’s solution was to simply poke fun at the entire situation.

“The company couldn’t have dealt with it in a better way,” stated luxury and fashion management graduate student Mackensie Lachey.

IKEA’s ad gives its customers, and lets be honest, the entire world at this point, the secret on how to distinguish between an original Frakta bag from a fake.

In this hilarious and uncanny advertisement, Acne posts, “You know the original – you know the #FRAKTA bag. Our response to @Balenciaga is pick of the day at #CreativityOnline”.

Brava, IKEA, brava.

Check out Acne’s advertisement on their Instagram by clicking here.