The Connector
The Connector

The International Student Services Organization (ISSO) hosted the Language and Culture Sharing event in the Hub Oct. 26. Students from different countries who are fluent in multiple languages volunteered to share their unique culture with fellow SCAD students.

The event offered opportunities for people to learn more about different languages, countries and cultures. Students could write their names in English and pass it along the table to different volunteers who would translate the name to another language. Students could have their name written in languages like Burmese, Marathi, Urdu, Thai, Hindi and Chinese.

Han Thar Thin, a first-year animation student, volunteered to share his knowledge of the Burmese language.

“It’s a bit hard to translate some names into Burmese, but it’s fun,” said Thin. “I got my name written in so many languages, and found Marathi the most interesting.”

“At SCAD Atlanta, we have more than 600 international students from 68 countries,” said Peter May, director of ISSO. “This event is a great opportunity for international students to share their language and culture while interacting with other students.

The ISSO hosts this event every year for students to learn about each other’s culture and language in an interactive setting.

For more information about ISSO, visit their Facebook page.