Photo Essays

A trip home

Photo by Caitlin Havens Sixteen years ago, my family of four moved from a small town near the Pennsylvania/New York border, to another small town in Georgia. Since then, we
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A Jamaican roadtrip

Jamaica is a country full of character. Driving through the rural areas offers up so many opportunities to view these characters. As you move away from the overcrowded city of
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Bicycles of SCAD

Bicycles can be found at every campus building here at SCAD Atlanta. As the last few days of the quarter roll around, I can’t help but think about where we
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Hallways of SCAD

As you walk frantically through the halls on your last week at SCAD, think about the hallways. Think about how quarter after quarter you return with new ideas and goals to
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Textures of summer

Summer feels like just a moment away. This week I felt drawn to the various natural textures that we have at SCAD Atlanta. These pictures were taken during several aimless
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