Gabriella Shea Mancini
Illustration by Gabriella Shea Mancini

by Kamila Morrell

Sweater weather is officially upon us. However, just because we can no longer wear our cute summer shorts and tanks, doesn’t mean we should also stash the sunscreen for brighter days. Fall is a great season to reassess the products you already use and adjust for the colder temperatures ahead. Here are a few tips for keeping your skin healthy in the fall.

  • Don’t forget the sunscreen.

Even after years of internalizing the messages about the importance of always protecting against the sun, some of us never actually get around to the daily recommended use. Thankfully, there are genius chemists who figured out a way to add spf to moisturizers. Remember to also apply on whatever bit of skin is left uncovered after putting on your warmth-generating outfit for the day — be it the neck, wrist, fingertip of the left pinky etc.

  • Moisturize.

Consider putting more stock into your moisturizer as a protective balm against the coming winter. Here is a secret: instead of buying a more potent and expensive moisturizer, consider an overnight one. These moisturizers have longer-lasting power, extra restorative benefits  and are usually designed to give more moisture over time.

  • Lip balm or scrub.

Investing in a medicated lip balm can lead to preventative treatment and protection. Also, a good lip scrub works wonders in removing the parched layer and revealing the smooth one underneath. Sugar scrubs are particularly effective, but a small, gentle toothbrush also works.

  • On the subject of exfoliating, don’t forget the face and body.

By using a gentle abrasive product like scrubs and exfoliants, the dead skin cells are removed to expose smoother and brighter skin. Experts recommend exfoliating one to three times per week. I find that using a milder face exfoliator during the morning is a  great skin preparation for the rest of my skin and makeup routine.

Remember that when it comes to skincare, treating it as a habit is best. Perfect skin doesn’t come after one magical application, but by sticking with a routine you’ll look great all year.