Here are five accessories to help you start off the new quarter with a fresh look:

1. A new agenda.

Having an agenda is one of the most important things to have when starting a new quarter. Time management is crucial when you are a SCAD student, so having a calendar will help you remember assignments and events that you don’t want to forget. Some popular brands are Kate Spade, Lilly Pulitzer, Erin Condren, or Sugar Paper.

2. A Pop-Socket.

Stick this device on the back of your phone, and you’ll never drop it again.

3. A pencil pouch.

Pencil pouches can get really dirty, especially if you use mainly pencils and not pens. Replace this every other quarter to avoid getting lead all over the place.

4. A new notebook. 

Even if you do not take notes in every class, keeping a notebook handy is a great way to jot down ideas and important information when you need to.

5. Every color pen you can think of.

Whether you like to color coordinate your notes, or just doodle during the lecture, colored pens are a must.


Photo by Molly Moran.