Photo by Tyler McClelland.

The SCAD fashion show, without a doubt the most-hyped fashion event of the year, took place on May 19 at the SCAD Museum of Art. The return to the venue after last year’s Trustees Theater show was welcomed by many eager to return to a longer runway resulting in closer views. Atop the catwalk, designers mingled on the balcony while guests took to their seats. The Walking Dead actress Lauren Cohan was among the attendees of the sold-out event, showcasing the best senior collections the SCAD fashion program has to offer across Savannah, Atlanta and Hong Kong.

The 2017 Savannah fashion show was a stark contrast from the previous year, with a fresh location in the SCAD Museum of Art’s outdoor courtyard. However, the differences were not simply limited to geographic coordinates. Models hit the runway donning black bobs and harsh makeup, perfectly complementing the androgynous and deconstructivist themes that were prevalent in many of the looks, including Austin Nelson’s oversized streetwear ensembles and Brittney Bernier’s unisex collection.

The most memorable aspect of the show, apart from the stunning 130 looks meticulously conceptualized and crafted over the entire year, were the theatrics: models skateboarding down the runway, children clad in patched denim, garments that literally lit up the catwalk and the grandiose finale, a bridal wear collection designed by SCAD Atlanta’s Jordan Ewing, driven onto the runway in a white Rolls-Royce before being escorted onto the catwalk.

Atlanta fashion made a statement on the runway this year. Of the 43 senior collections, a staggering 18 hailed from the Atlanta designs. They also took the honor of both opening and closing the 2017 SCAD Savannah runway show. Rikki Raiford’s menswear collection opened the show with four looks, the only student to break through the barrier of the standard three.

Other Atlanta design highlights include Miyoung Lim’s avant-garde collection titled, “Confession,” featuring an embroidered cape atop white frills, red drapery and a pearl-encrusted mesh mask and Tina Gancev’s sequined, drop-waist gown. Gancev described what it felt like to see her creations grace the runway and said, “Making the show was a goal set in freshman year, and seeing it walk down the runway was an incredible feeling. It has been a very long journey for all of us. Having such knowledgeable professors has helped a lot in the development of our collections, and I’m looking forward to what’s next.”

Allison Bolt, a SCAD Atlanta model in this year’s show, also shared her experience. “The runway was exhilarating to walk this year because it was outside and a two and a half minute walk,” said Bolt. “Walking in the show felt a lot like what I would imagine walking in a couture resort show would feel like. We trained with the top runway coach, Miss J, day in and day out in order to tackle the curves and stairs of this amazing runway.”

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