The Connector
The Connector

by Danielle Holloway

Illustration by Kire Torres

There’s always room for self-improvement and many people start developing themselves by taking on self challenges.  Anyone can start a self challenge at any time and place. The secret for going through a successful self challenge is to have eagerness, determination and a different perspective.

The majority of us love the feeling of achievement, and our achievements make us more unique. However, in order to achieve something we must go through obstacles. The more challenges we take on, the better our self-discipline, self-growth and abilities are when we extend and look beyond our life limitations. We should all take the opportunity to advance our self in the short life-span that we have.

Prepare yourself mentally and gain that self-confidence into believing that you can do it. We have to learn how to motivate and encourage ourselves each and every day. Take advantage of getting advice from other people to help enhance and see progress while you’re taking on a self challenge. Research on the internet about other people who have taken the same challenge and find an everyday routine that works for you. Try out routines from others, or combine them to make them fit your specific goals.

When there is repetition in the daily struggles of going through a self challenge, it tends to make us lose hope. That’s when we have to realize that, that moment of weakness is our strongest point, because no matter how hard things get, we don’t let it get the best of us. When we think about the time frame of how long we have to go through the challenge, it can discourage us. Remembering each day that you’re getting closer than you were in the days before and you’ve come a long way. It can give you that rebooted energy you need to keep fighting.

About two years ago I tried to take on doing sit-ups for 30 days and I stopped by the second week, because I set a certain time each day to do it and I kept procrastinating as each day went by. I think that if I were to go to the gym and do my sit-ups there it would’ve motivated me to keep going.

Friendly reminder: You have to face it to fix it. Some people may try to find an easy way out by cutting the days short. However, when those types of decisions are made, it cuts off having the opportunity to grow and enhance our discipline. Have a self-evaluation and find out how you are dealing with going through the challenge, and remove the obstacles that may be influencing you to doubt your course. Then, you may have a better understanding of yourself.

Some popular challenges people take on involve exercise, social media, money management or challenges surrounding a specific month or holiday. Many people recently participated in “Inktober” during October, while “No-Shave November” has just begun. Another popular challenge for writers is the “Novelist Challenge” where people who love to write stories try to write a whole book in a month.

When searching for a new self-challenge, certain challenges should be avoided, like the “Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge” where there were cases of people’s lips splitting open. And, the “Cinnamon Challenge” where some people’s throats closed up. Just use your best judgement to determine what is, and isn’t a beneficial challenge.

Self challenges can be encouraging, and you can gain more confidence. You can also affect others by giving them great advice on how to go through the same/similar challenge you’ve been through. By knowing how well you did in the past, it helps the future challenges not look so bad.