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“Rise Up” by Jeanie Lo


I don’t know how to express
a feeling that is more than liberation

Let me tell you this
I broke the invisible shackles that held me
in his dungeon for five years
I took the knife of shame that he
conditioned me to feel
and throw it into the ocean


He told me that I was responsible for his fall
that I was responsible for crashing our friendship
Now I know I play no part in his mind games
The guilt he planted in me
I ripped it away from the root of my heart


He told me I wasn’t a female
that I was stupid and ignorant
Now I know his self-worth was so little
he needed to drain mines to fill his
The discouragement he kissed into my soul
I spit it out and sanitized my memories


Millions of women like me
will hold
millions of men like him
We will arm ourselves with honesty
shield ourselves with courage
and resist with dignity
For we hit them where it hurts
with what we