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The Connector

by Danielle Holloway


“13 Reasons Why”

Netflix’s series “13 Reasons Why” is about a girl who commits suicide and leaves behind 13 tapes dedicated to the people she felt were responsible for her death. There have been complaints that the show justifies and promotes suicide instead of preventing it. There are also some very disturbing parts in this popular television series — so disturbing that many people think that it is too much for TV and for teenagers to watch.

“Get Out”

This movie supports the theory that we are living in modern day slavery and that slavery is still happening mentally, rather than physically. “Get Out” depicts white people trying to brainwash African-Americans to think and act like them. Some people see this as being racially profiled and that it stereotypes white people by making them look like they have bad characteristics.


“The Birth Of A Nation”

The complaints around “The Birth of a Nation” are that the movie falls into stereotypes about racism portrayed during the era of slavery. The movie is based off of the historically famous African-American Nat Turner, who collaborated with other slaves to rise up against the slave owners and kill them one by one. The criticism came when the viewers felt that they made the African-American community appear to be either too vicious or childlike and lazy. Some people felt as though the film promoted the Klu Klux Klan and should have had little attention in the movie.

“Dear White People”

People are going crazy from the title itself. The television series shows the perspective of how the African-American race and the Caucasian race view each other in today’s society. Throughout the series, the main character (a black female) narrates to white people what it not OK to do and how they should act. The show depicts white people putting down African-Americans, treating them as if they don’t matter, mocking them and using stereotypes of them being wild, prideful animals. Of course, the criticism comes from the series being extremely straightforward and opinionated about how the two races are portrayed.

What are your thoughts on these movies and shows?