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See You Soon: Part 2 by Manav Chordia.

To my Lucas,

I am fairly certain that you shall be the first to ever read this entry in my diary, and even if you aren’t, I’m betting on my life that you shall never find a way to know my reasons and my state of mind. Do remember that I am yours for the taking, but my time here is evaporating. Much like the inevitable cycle of hide and seek, let this be the countdown for my body to hide. Now, all there to do is seek. Good Luck!

I’ve taught you to live without me, and even if you do not agree with the decision I’m making. I require you to care of Liam, of Aspen, my flowers but most importantly, yourself. I am ashamed to announce departure to the world, and I hope you understand that.

I know the consequences that my actions would cause and for that, I am deeply regretful. Lucas, I hope you remember that I end my misery in the name of love. I shall always love the man you’ve become but don’t let me stop you from loving a new somebody, for your handsome face still requires a delicate touch.

Au revoir.

Your other half,


P.S. Recall my memories, recite them to Liam, but don’t relive them.