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Happy fall, everyone! It’s Kate Betts with out latest Writers’ Corner piece. This poem, “Praying for Asteroids”, is by Jarrod Fouts.


Praying for Asteroids

by Jarrod Fouts


Every night before I go to sleep I say a prayer:

Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray the Lord my soul to keep

When you wake me O Lord

I pray it will be to a flaming asteroid


I want a big space rock to hit the earth

Not a meteorite that you can collect off the ground after a meteor shower and feel

wonderment at everything like birth

or make a keychain out of

I’m talking an asteroid, like a giant angry fist sent down from above


I want its descent to be covered by every news station

I want to turn on the TV and then watch it never come on again

I want to watch the sky turn colors as the earth is shaking and baking


Because when an asteroid strikes the earth, it will be chaos.

After maybe ten seconds of looting and rioting people will stop

Then the tears will drop


In the crowded cities with skyscrapers melting, people will be running

for the subways, arm in arm, no longer conscious of things like religion or race

People who never would’ve spoken to each other while making judgments from

a distance will be holding and kissing each other’s face


The old white man who was afraid of the black teenager he saw earlier today

Is now helping him to a safer place in an alleyway

And for a moment the white man sees, when the kid speaks

He has thoughts and fears and hopes and dreams

And then he breaks the rules with a bit of dangerous thinking:

Just. like. me.


It will be a symphony orchestra of what shouldn’t be first-time sights

Under generator operated floodlights

People will see the color of their neighbor’s eyes

Blues and greens and blacks and browns too


There will be no more argument between the Muslim or Christian or Jew

In that moment it will just be

God loves you

And I do too


And as the ash plumes rise taller than the mountains, shooting up to blacken the clouds

Then come back down in a thunderous pitter patter

Some will be screaming and crying.

Some will void their bladders.

Some will shout and sing and laugh and pray

The evangelical preacher won’t think about the fact that the man he is holding the gushing wound of is gay.

And though it’s been a while, this heart that was angry and full of ice, will with these simple gestures

truly turn to follow Christ.


And as the world is covered in the thick soot, each man buried from head to foot.

The initial regret of a life wasted, deluged in negatives will fade away.

Because as they succumb, each and every one

They will be able to say “I was human today.”

Kate Betts

Kate Betts is a staff writer for The Connector. She is an undergraduate writing major with an obsession with “Once Upon A Time” and her adorable gray kittens.