Graphic by Ashley Stewart

Following the end of the quarter will be DreamHack’s second-ever Esports event. Nov. 16-18 at the Georgia World Congress Center will be filled with video games, technology, live music and  pop culture-lover activities for all to enjoy.

DreamHack will provide a well rounded and diverse experience for those in the tech field, either for entertainment or for a career. Not only will there be a live music event and an artist alley, there will also be a “Business Zone.” At the “Business Zone,” there will be opportunities to connect with industries, attend workshops and panels. There will even be an event called “Game Pitch Championship” in which one can “pitch, practice, and compete to win a prize.” Treasurer of SCAD’s Esports club, Maggie Yuen, says that “this event seems like it would be particularly helpful for those in game design to get in touch with some developers and game companies. Currently, I see that this one is hosting a Hi-Rez expo and I know that they are a company based in Atlanta.” There will even be offered showcases for students in the game-development related majors. Colleges that will be attending this are the following: Breda University, Georgia Institute of Technology, DePaul University, University of Central California, High Point University, Bradley University, Vancouver Film School and University of Southern California.

Other zones featured are, Zone,” where one can play indie games and “Zone,” where one can play every type of game on every type of console. Speaking of consoles, there will be a “BYOC Game Rows” where you can bring your own console and play games with others at the event.

The types of championships there range in type and in cash prize amount. Smite World Championships and Console Wars offers $1,000,000, Paladins World Championships and Console Wars offers $300,000, Halo Championship Series offers $300,000, Brawlhalla World Championship offers $100,000, DreamHack Open offers $100,000.