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See You Soon: Part 1 by Manav Chordia.

Dear Diary,

I figure it is time that I let go of my anchors and sink into the nothingness I belong to. There has been nothing out of the ordinary seeking my attention and I have been deemed unfit for any sort of recovery. I am on my last leg and cannot bear the burden to make my loved ones suffer anymore. No one can understand the pain I embodied, and I dare not impose it any further.

I shall quietly leave this world alone, disappear from the lives of Liam, Lucas and little Aspen — from the lives of my family. Despite the hate I might stir within them, I hope that they can forgive the act that I must commit. I strive to be reunited with their souls in the afterlife if the stars allow it. 

I hope my secrets are safe with me; my reasons aren’t selfish, but I shall own up to them. My time here has been as fruitful as they will it. I am aware of the consequences that follow the path I shall be undertaking and am content with it. This is where I bid you adieu.