Written and photographed by Conrad Maxwell-Girod

I first held a camera when I was 6 years old, and I started doing photography as a hobby when I was 12. As a sophomore in high school three years later, I decided that I wanted to make commercial photography my career path. I’m now a third-year student at SCAD and my concentration is editorial fashion photography.

My work usually focuses on a narrative, and I like to create different worlds and concepts that are surreal but have great meaning. One of my recent projects, “Quasar” is based on astronomy and the vastness of space, but it also focuses on beauty, fashion and the empowerment of women. For most of my life, my mother raised me on her own, and — in a sense — she is my world; I wanted to convey that through my artwork.

I also wanted to create an environment with tactile properties to immerse people in the work. So, that’s a glimpse into my process and my motivations.