Written and photographed by Hannah Pasedag

I am a fourth-year photography student at SCAD Atlanta. I am interested in exploring identity, especially my own as a mentally-ill lesbian, which is the focus of my current work. Other themes of my work include womanhood, the abstraction of the human form and a rejection of “perfect” beauty. I view art as not only visual catharsis, but as a way to place myself in the world. Because of this, my process of creation is equally as important as the concepts behind them. My work has been exhibited in Atlanta, Savannah and Brooklyn. Passionate about my education, I also taught at the Friends School of Atlanta, along with tutoring students at SCAD.

Photo by Hannah Pasedag.

At this point, I don’t necessarily consider myself a photographer in the traditional sense. I’ve been working with mixed media techniques for nearly all my four years at SCAD, combining photography, fiber arts and painting. I’m particularly interested in historic and darkroom processes, along with using Adobe Photoshop to make abstract and non-traditional images.

I’m currently working on my senior thesis project, where I have a combination of embroidery on inkjet fabric, lumen prints and solarized prints. These processes allow me to work physically and embrace an element of the handmade and imperfect, which is something I don’t think contemporary photographers are willing to embrace enough.