Midterms are a stressful time for most students. Here are a few techniques to reduce the inevitable stress to perform better in your classes.

Time management

Check your syllabus and find your due dates so that you’re on top of the assignments and submissions. “Start a schedule and keeping on top of it,” suggests Daranie Mor, third-year advertising student, “Also, stay hydrated and have a bunch of snacks.”

Listen to music 

Photo by Manav Chordia.

Research suggests that music can alleviate stress and allow one to concentrate. So take some time off, create a playlist with songs that are bound to make you happy, but also avoid lyric-dependent songs as they tend to distract one from actually completing their assigned tasks.


Photo by Manav Chordia.

Sarah Torres Jaramillo, a graduate motion media student said, “I recommend taking regular breaks and to stretch. I utilizes these techniques to motivate myself during midterms.”

Step outside from your classroom and step back your computer. Take a walk outside and enjoy the warm sunny weather. Give your eyes some rest from the stressful workload and allow your body to rejuvenate.

Petting animals

Caitlin Havens, a third-year writing student, said “I try to visit my dog at home to help me stay calm and relaxed during this period in the quarter.” Pets are adorable stress-reducing creatures and spending time with them can improve your mood and help you relax.