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By Nyasha Mandiveyi

Students watch Qurious perform at last Saturday’s Music in the Sky. Photo by Eric Beatty.

Last Saturday, the roof of the SCAD Atlanta parking deck played host to the second annual Music in the Sky concert. The event was produced by SCAD Atlanta Radio in coordination with the Student Activities Council (SAC). The concert promoted a sense of community among students in the presence of live music against a first-class seat to Atlanta’s skyline.

“A lot of students go to classes and go home without talking to other students,” said Mike Bedsole, fourth-year animation student and head of the SAC. “This event provides a great opportunity to enhance the college experience.”

Qurious opened the show, which featured fourth-year illustration student Mike Netland, and some atmospheric, electronic sounds. They were followed by Jon Drake & The Shakes, a Chicago-based band of eight on the rise. Their folksy, alternative country tunes closed the night out to a crowd of students dancing, jumping and doing the wave.

As the bands played, students also got a chance to find out more about student media, which includes SCAD Atlanta Radio, and publications “SCAN Magazine” and “The Connector.”

“I see student media being the voice of the students, reflecting what our interests are and what we find important,” said Dylan Fagan, third-year motion media student and general manager for SCAD Atlanta Radio.

SCAD Atlanta Radio and the SAC want to offer Music in the Sky every year. This provides students with a chance to gain interest in different media outlets, showcase some great talent and have fun. SCAD student bands also have the opportunity to play as opening acts for the concert.

For more information on SCAD Atlanta Radio and upcoming events, email

For more information on student media, students can attend an interest meeting this Friday at 2 p.m. in room 259 in the main building.

“The Connector” and “SCAN” have staff meetings every Friday at 10 a.m. in their office at Spring House. All current students are welcome.

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