Photo Alessandro Garofalo.
Photo Alessandro Garofalo.

Whoever said toys weren’t for adults has never met Barbie. This fashion week Mattel decided to give the icon a new look, proving to many people that, yes, it was possible for Barbie to get even more fabulous. From a dynamic collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld to a new Instagram account, the be-what-you-wanna-be icon reminded everyone what they loved so much about being a Barbie girl as a kid.

Starting with the best collaboration to date and an event that will go down in fashion history, Barbie teamed up with iconic fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld to create a collectable doll. Named none other than “Barbie Lagerfeld,” our favorite blonde got a drastic makeover for this collab. Trading out her pink for head to toe black, Barbie is basically unrecognizable in this look. Her perfect blonde hair, slightly tanned skin and welcoming smile are gone. In its place is stark white hair, pale skin and a striking smirk. The look requires a double take but it’s easily Barbie’s sharpest and chicest look ever. Only 999 models of this special doll were made and the price for one was a shocking $200. It’s now sold out at all locations it was available, but if you really want one you can get it on eBay for $1,500.

Topping “Barbie Lagerfeld” sounds tough, but Jeremy Scott’s line Moschino easily completed the task. The line’s 2015 spring/summer collection was inspired completely by 1960s Barbie glam. Imagine, a whole fashion show of nothing but retro style, bright colors and Barbie perfection. The energy was palpable and one of the most memorable shows from fashion week. Mini versions of the outfits were even made for Barbie herself, but unfortunately these dolls weren’t made available to the public. All in all, the line is very casual, no business or formal wear but some nice pieces to strut in at school or while shopping with the girls. So head on over to Moschino and grab something, as the collection proclaims, “Think pink!”

So Barbie Lagerfeld and Moschino’s pink-tastic line may come and go but what we’ll have forever is @barbiestyle. Barbie’s new Instagram account gives her back to all the women who might’ve felt too old to be following a doll. With only 129 photos but close to 400k followers, this account is to die for. The first photos of this account followed Barbie from New York to Paris as she attended fashion shows during all four weeks of fashion month. Can you believe that a doll got an invite to Chloé’s new show?! Easily, this Instagram is a follow forever.

September was certainly been the month of Barbie. She reminded hundreds of thousands that she will forever be the style queen with a closet to envy. It’s safe to say, Barbie’s world isn’t looking so plastic anymore.