Story and Video by Djhocel Mayuyu

What do you love? When I ask you this question, I’m not asking you to name something that you think society would find impressive or acceptable. I’m asking you to honestly to tell me what it is you love. What makes your heart say, “Yes, this is what I love and it is a part of me.”

SCAD has placed me into a melting pot of diverse and passionate individuals and being surrounded by dream chasers and big thinkers, who carry themselves the way they want to. This has inspired me greatly. “What do you love?” focuses on those very people who have pushed me to do more with my life.

I want to introduce you all to Yeong Joo Jin, a Korean transfer student majoring in fashion design who also created the track featured in the video. What’s amazing is how music has played such a big part in  his life and how it has integrated into his artistic vision.

Now tell me, what is it that you love?