Hey, Connector readers! Here’s a new Writers’ Corner piece, a poem called “The Garden” by Melina Barbuto. Enjoy!

Photo by Acquille Dunkley.
Photo by Acquille Dunkley.


The Garden

by Melina Barbuto


Bloomed from rebellion, grew to something lasting.

Consuming a life — five years in the making

Tiny and fragile, kept alive by tears and stubbornness,

Left to die in the cold November winds


Blossomed from fear, wanting to fit in,

Afraid that the choices were wrong.

A seed planted by others, forced into rocky soil,

Never to take root, never to grow.


Stemmed from compassion, protectiveness,

Teased and tortured, something familiar.

A sudden match lit the flame

The field burst into red — burning everything to the ground


Grown from Confusion, a choice to make

Whether to listen to the heart or the brain

It stood, wilted and fragile—

Until time let it blow away


Rooted in Silence, grown without knowledge

Already blossomed and flowered.

The most beautiful flower in a garden

That had been burned one too many times.


No matter how hard it was ignored,

To drown, to let it die

The plant grew and grew

Until the garden was once again green and beautiful.

Kate Betts

Kate Betts is a staff writer for The Connector. She is an undergraduate writing major with an obsession with “Once Upon A Time” and her adorable gray kittens.