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The Connector
rodham smol
Illustration by Ahmara Smith

I was committed to supporting your campaign despite the email debacle, the mishandling of Black Lives Matter protesters and that awkward moment when you mentioned you wanted to see the video of Lenny Kravitz exposed penis, but lately, my commitment is waning.

You know better than anyone that authenticity has been the buzzword this election cycle, something you have been heavily criticized for lacking, but let’s be honest former Senator Clinton, your awkward dancing and knowledge of pop culture does not hold true to your brand. You are a career politician, a former US senator and Secretary of State who has been in the public eye since the 80s. You were the spitfire FLOTUS who led the charge for health care reform in 1993 (although it failed to reach a vote in congress). You are an establishment candidate who lacks charisma and that is ok.

Your racial tone-deafness, however, is not ok.

I will never know what possessed you to stand on that stage with Bill de Blasio and participate in a skit that involved the phrase “CP time” right after Bill Clinton accused Black Lives Matter protestors of supporting murders. In spite of your popularity among African-American voters, it is time that you realized that your attempt engage this voting block comes off as disingenuous pandering.

Let’s take your interview with The Breakfast Club. That quick soundbite of you mentioning that you always have hot sauce with you, an obvious allusion to Beyonce “Formation” regardless of your affinity for the spicy condiment,was more than painfully awkward. It highlighted fundamental problems you have with young black millennials. You attempt to adopt the language and culture, but you have not included issues unique to this voting block as a part of your platform. Doing the nae nae and dabbing are not a part of your personality, and violence committed against people of color by the police is not a part of your political platform.

Hillary, stop pandering. Stop listening to whoever is advising you to drop pop culture references and to dance. Stop talking and listen to the community you wish to engage, a community that has already pledged their support in spite of your problematic flaws. This is the best way to communicate with people— not with a bottle of hot sauce.