by Ahmara Smith
by Ahmara Smith

Many students come to SCAD with big ideas for the world, while other students develop them while they’re here. This showcase demonstrates the creativity and originality of our fellow students through the characters they have created and the stories these characters are involved in.

For this week’s showcase, I had the chance to interview second-year sequential art major Ahmara Smith and ask her about her vampire lady, Vera.


Q: Who is this character and what is she like? Is she a good guy, bad guy? What are her motives?

Smith: Her name is Vera and she is the protagonist. She is the CEO of a lucrative law firm and she’ll do anything to make sure no one knows she’s a vampire and that her company stays afloat.


Q: Describe the world that this character comes from.

Smith: She lives in a universe that’s exactly the same as ours, however, there are parallel universes that intersect with ours.


Q: What is the story that this character is involved in?

Smith: Vera is actually a changeling from a dimension where humans and creatures live together in peace, but a darkness threatens this alternate world and so a wizard comes to retrieve her because she is the last remaining vampire and must be used to unlock an ancient warrior that will defeat the evil.


Q: What and or who inspired this character?

Smith: When I think of her character I think of things like the “Underworld” series and “The Good Wife!”


Q: What are your future plans for this character? Are you writing her in a story? Is she going to appear in comics? Animations?

Smith: I had actually stopped writing this character to write other stories, but I think I’ll come back to her! It’ll probably be a short comic or a one-shot. Haha I only seem to write short comics or one-shots!