This segment, Camera/Phone, is dedicated to the dialogue surrounding the evolution, controversy and significance of cell phones in relationship to photography. Rose Smith, a B.F.A photography student, challenges the requirements needed to earn the title of photographer.

“With the evolution of technology, and more specifically the digital camera, I am not completely opposed to photographing with my iPhone. It can conveniently serve a purpose, however, I stand in opposition to comparing iPhone photography to that of the true essence of photography. For me, being a photographer is more technical. It includes composing a careful, thoughtful image through the viewfinder of an SLR, making creative choices and potentially making a print. In our current time, there are many people who believe that by picking up a tool like a cell phone, they have earned the title of photographer, having no knowledge to gain and no history to learn. They have no ability to operate both manual and digital cameras and have spent less time developing skills or a personal aesthetic. My training in those areas has only added to my cell phone photography, something I think is missing for ‘iPhone only’ picture takers.” – Smith