The Connector recognizes exemplary photo work produced by SCAD students. This week’s featured photographer is Nathon Ruehl, a second-year photography student from Montgomery, Ala.

Artist Statement:

A lot of my ideas and inspirations come from my own feelings. If I feel that something has potential, I go after that. Something that connects well with my style. Before any shoot I do, I always think about and plan what I could do. Before you go out and shoot you should see how things pan out, and then stick with a plan.The process starts out two to three weeks prior with careful planning. Once the shoot takes place it’s like a hangout. It creates a more comfortable atmosphere to shoot, and it becomes more natural.

Although Ruehl’s shoots are very directed, they also have a natural fluidity. Ruehl’s style exhibits a structured yet spontaneous feeling. Where he’s from, the people just like to go with the flow, so the juxtaposition of those two mentalities create a balanced process for workflow. Ruehl fuels his personal work with his experiences that display his current state of mind. You can find these projects, including “Andrew October,” “It’s All a Blur” and “SVINT SOL” on his website.    

To be considered for photographer of the week, send examples of your work to