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by Manahar Kumar

Frozen Time 

It was a short night
It was our last night

The sun rose
Only to set again

While they hugged,
Time froze still

For it too, understood
The magic in the long ones.

Chef’s Problems 

Picking up her tiny head
She realised what
angels were made of

Soft, squishy cushions
With no bones and
an innocent brain

The young teen picked
her up for the first time
Sleep deprived,
Empty and barely breathing
The mother observed the new born

Her eyes were bigger
than her stomach
Just like her dad’s

Always hungry…
For one more piece.

Lost in Virtuality

The shadow stopped at
the corner of the light

The light turned green and
the hussle filled the beach road

The gloomy, eerie night got silent
For my shadow tried to speak to me
While I was on my phone.

Paulomi Mukherjee

Hi! I’m an Animation student at the Savannah College of Art and Design. I write for the SCAD Connector as features editor! Writing, like drawing has always been a passion of mine. It helps me vocalise things that are otherwise harder to say or share. Feel free to reach out to me through Facebook or Email if there is something you want to share or think needs to be said on The SCAD Connector!