The Connector
The Connector
by Logan Hughes

The Ivy Hall Review was an online literary journal, created by graduate writing students alongside SCAD professor Darby Sanders. With all submissions being selected by graduate editors for publication, the journal showcased the often-unseen talent within the writing department. However, the journal fell by the wayside, going dormant for a few years, but thanks to second-year writing student Caitlin Havens, the Ivy Hall Review is being given a second chance at success.

Havens, 20, is originally from New York, but moved to Georgia with her family when she was six and now lives about 45 minutes north of Atlanta. However, Havens said, “I spend a lot of time at the school. I feel more creative there.”

The time she spends at SCAD led Havens to wanting more for her writing peers. “I voiced my concern to Professor Darby Sanders about how writing students don’t receive the attention they deserve,” Havens said and expressed her desire for the writing students to receive more exposure. “Our peers are so talented and they don’t get the recognition they should for the thought and creativity that is put into the stories they tell.” That’s where the rebirth of the Ivy Hall Review began.

Portrait of Caitlin Havens, a second-year writing student. Photo by Tyler Judson

“Now, there’s an undergraduate editor, me, and a graduate editor, Lila Dostal. Together we read all submissions and decide what we want to publish for that month,” Havens said. “In opening the site, we would like to start publishing work by the beginning of Winter Quarter. I encourage everyone to submit even if these aren’t your primary genres.”

The only form of writing not being published is poetry, though Havens explained its only because they don’t have anyone to read the poetry.“I would love to bring poetry to the journal,” Havens said. “The ultimate decision would come down to what the entire team wanted, but I think having a poet would be absolutely amazing.”

While not at the school, sifting through the great work of the writing students, or perfecting her assignments for school, Havens reads and likes to spend time with her friends and family. Thrifting is another one of her passions, and she says she’s still looking for a good bookstore while re-starting the online journal. Havens also enjoys movie nights at Atlantic Station and goes to Decatur whenever possible.

“We all anticipate a slow start,” Havens said. “But I’m hoping towards the end of the school year the word will get out and we will have a healthy amount of submissions to where we don’t have to worry if we will have a post for the month.”

Though the revival is just getting started, Havens is already planning what will come next for the Ivy Hall Review. “I would love for it to become a printed journal. Personally, I enjoy reading paper copies of stories. It’s cliché, I know, but I swear by paper,” Havens said.

If you’re an undergraduate looking to submit your work, simply email Caitlin Havens. Graduate submissions should be directed to Lila Dostal. The Ivy Hall Review is a great opportunity for writers to get their work published, start generating feedback and build their portfolios.