The Connector
The Connector

For this week’s photography showcase we are sharing the work of Acquille Dunkley, a fourth-year photography student. Dunkley has done multiple shoots for SCAD’s fashion department, and has had a few exhibitions and gallery sales as well.


Artist statement:

I use photography as a device to capture the state of deep thought we all go through when we confront challenges in our lives. It is that quiet moment, where we zone out from reality and get lost in our thoughts. That is what I find fascinating and most inspirational when I capture people. I am highly influenced by light and how it falls of the shapes it is presented to. Whether it is a still life or the shape of someone’s face, I find joy in framing that moment to reveal a glimpse of whatever secret the person in front of me decides to show. The colors and textures I get from fashion are just added in ingredients to add visual stimulation. The people are the real attention grabbers in my work.

Photo by Acquille Dunkley



If you’d like to see more of Dunkley’s work, you can visit his website or view his Instagram page.