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President Trump’s words are coming back to haunt him

Ghosts of Trump past come back to contradict his statements as President of the United States.

Illustration by Kire Torres

The United States federal government shut down on Jan. 19 under the office of President Trump. Despite his flailing attempts to blame the event on the Democrats in Congress, his own words are coming back to haunt him.

Trump blatantly blamed Democrats for the government shutdown as he ranted all over his Twitter in the days before. “Democrats are far more concerned with Illegal Immigrants than they are with our great Military or Safety at our dangerous Southern Border. They could have easily made a deal but decided to play Shutdown politics instead. #WeNeedMoreRepublicansIn18 in order to power through mess!”
 At first, it appears to be solid tactics to try to twist the situation to seem as if the Democrats are hurting our military for the sake of illegal immigrants. Well, solid tactics if he would have at least held a press conference instead of hiding behind Twitter and inside the White House. Or, if he would have remembered that the Democrats are currently the minority in Congress while his party holds all of the power. Not to mention the multiple sources such as The Atlantic that reveal “if there’s one thing Democrats and Republicans (some publicly, many others privately) agree on, it’s that the president’s negotiating style has made it much harder to reach a deal.”
One very important detail slipped Trump’s mind as he threw blame all over the Democrats that day — a comment he made back in 2013 when President Obama was in office. Let’s go back in time and relive this moment that was thankfully dug up and shared with the world.
According to The Hill, Trump was being interviewed on Fox & Friends in 2013 when the interviewer asked him who was responsible for the government shutdown. His response was one that I hope haunted him throughout his days as the commander-in-chief during a government shutdown. “Well, if you say who gets fired it always has to be the top,” Trump said. “I mean, problems start from the top and they have to get solved from the top and the president’s the leader. And he’s got to get everybody in a room and he’s got to lead.” Later on in the interview, when referring to what a president will be remembered for in the history books, he said, “When they talk about the government shutdown, they’re going to be talking about the president of the United States, who the president was at that time.”
Maybe all the time Trump spends on the golf course has made him forgetful about his past statements. Business Insider revealed that “more than 25% of his days in office, Trump was at one of his golf clubs.” Yet if we take a look back once again, this time to 2016, we can find his original promise about golf while on the campaign trail when he said, “I’m going to be working for you. I’m not going to have time to go play golf.”
It seems as if President Trump should take his own advice. We can only hope he will be visited by more ghosts of Trump past in the upcoming year.