The Connector
The Connector
by Katherine Diaz Villegas
Photo by Katherine Diaz Villegas

A bittersweet goodbye, my final week in Hong Kong arrives. It feels like I just landed a few weeks ago and not at all like three months have gone by. With my workload, all the events and the exploring of Hong Kong I’ve done, the time has flown by on my trip.

My final week consists of finals and packing up my apartment. I’m not heading back to Atlanta so soon, however. I’m spending my spring break exploring one of the cities I’ve dreamed my whole life visiting: Tokyo. But before I can think about relaxing and exploring somewhere completely new once again, I have to finish my classes strong.

Because there is still so much I haven’t done, these last couple trips have been filled with adding in new places to go see every time I have a chance. Whether that be getting out of my routine of lunch and finding somewhere new or starting my day earlier so I can fill it up that much more with new sights and sounds. I typically use my Sundays to relax and finish any work or projects I have to do for the week. Getting all of your work done on one day or throughout the week in small amounts can help open up space in your schedule. The important part is managing your time well. Make sure you have enough time for your projects so you don’t stress about it last minute. I try to get work done earlier if I can so that you have time for exploring.

My last couple of trips included Victoria Peak, Ten Thousand Buddha’s, the art supply store, and as many dim sum restaurants as I could afford.

It is incredible that SCAD can maintain so many locations. I highly recommend you take advantage of these incredible opportunities offered, whether it be here in Hong Kong or in Lacoste, France. You never know what may lead you to a future opportunity for your career. Keep in mind that learning your craft in a completely different part of the world opens up different perspectives and ideas. Studying abroad might just take your skills to the next level.

Thank you so much for following along with my journey in Hong Kong. I hope you have enjoyed the articles and hopefully they have encouraged you to study abroad one quarter, or to just explore more of what your surroundings have to offer you.