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The Connector

Staying focused during the summer may sound like an impossible task. With the right mindset and plan, anyone can have a productive summer.

Make a plan
The days of summer can fly by but having a plan can help to structure those days. Whether you paint, photograph or write, laying out a schedule can guide you to an effective summer.

Write down your goals
Seeing your goals on paper gives you a visual to attach to the goal. Striking out the goals as you accomplish them can be really satisfying and will more than likely encourage you to do the others. Start with big goals and break them down into smaller achievable steps so it’s clear what needs to be done.

Seek out inspiration
Watch a good movie, read a good book or revisit the works of your favorite artist. Seeking out inspiration is a good way to jump-start the creative process and it can even further your own ideas.

Be disciplined
Even though the summers can be unpredictable, having the discipline of following a schedule can add structure to your holiday.

The summer is a time for creative freedom and exploration for artists. Make the most of this time.