Illustration by Adisa Kareem Phillip
As the winter season starts to build up, so does the snot in our noses and throats. That gross phlegm that sits inside our bodies could just be a sign of nasty allergies, but there is a chance it could be worse — it could be the flu.
The flu is rampant, on its way to destroy your immune system and your winter break. If you let it get to you, it could even destroy someone else. In Georgia, there has been a spike in cases of the flu in children. According to WSB-TV, “New numbers from the Georgia Department of Health show children from birth to age 4 top the number of people showing flu-like symptoms, at 796.”
While college students are not in this age range, it is crucial to take necessary precautions and get your flu shot. SCAD knows this well, and that is why they offered flu shots for $25 this past week. If missed it, there are plenty of other opportunities to get a flu shot that could be free. However, the window for this is closing — the recommended time to get a flu shot is between early fall and the end of October, according to the CDC.
 According to Health Magazine, free flu shots are available in most places that offer the vaccination — with the right health insurance. CVS, including the ones located inside Target, offer free flu shots along with a coupon for $5 off a $25 purchase. The closest Target CVS  to SCAD’s campus is in Atlantic Station. There is also a conveniently located CVS on Peachtree Street. Publix will also be offering a $10 gift card with your purchase of a flu shot. The closest Publix to the SCAD campus is also in Atlantic Station. There is another Publix near Ivy Hall.
Before you get your flu shot, consult your doctor. There are many types of flu shots. All of them can be seen on the Q&A page of the CDC’s official website. Some are more suited for the young-adult age group, while others are more appropriate for senior citizens.
Getting vaccinated is important for your health and the sake of others’ health. Flu season and finals happen at the same time, and getting the flu during finals week will only set you back. Save your future self from a more stressful and sickly finals week and get your flu shot now.