SCAD Atlanta has many fun events happening this winter quarter. Don’t miss out on these upcoming festivities.

SCAD FASH Museum of Fashion + Film

“Cinematic Couture” student reception and movie night

On Jan. 17, SCAD FASH Museum of Fashion + Film is hosting a film screening of “Ever After” from 6-8 p.m. SCAD FASH’s newest exhibition, “Cinematic Couture,” displays original garments from the movie. The exhibition walks visitors through more than 50 period piece costumes designed for famous films and television series. Grab your friends, check out the exhibition and enjoy the film.

Film series at SCADshow

This quarter, SCADshow is paying homage to the past. Films like “Gone with the Wind,” “The Princess Bride” and “Bonnie and Clyde” are showing throughout the quarter. These screenings are free to SCAD students. SCADshow’s bottom floor also has concessions like popcorn, candy and drinks. Check out scheduling and prices here.

Tziporah Salamon performance and book signing

Salamon is performing her auto-biographical play “The Fabric of my Life” on Jan. 23 at SCADshow. Her story details her childhood in Israel and move to America. She is now fashion icon living in New York. After the performance, Salamon will be signing her book, “The Art of Dressing: Ageless, Timeless Style,” for attendees.

Drawing Works 2019

Until Jan. 25, SCAD is accepting drawing submissions from undergraduate students. No matter your major, you have the opportunity to submit to multiple categories and win a cash prize of $1,000. You cannot submit more than three drawings and the work must be created during your enrollment at SCAD. 


aTV Fest 

SCAD Atlanta’s annual television festival is popular among both students and Atlanta residents. Tickets and passes for the seventh year of aTV Fester available for purchase starting Feb. 1. The festival runs from Feb. 7-9. 

Marlon James book signing

James is a fiction writer and will be visiting SCADshow Feb. 12. His book, “Black Leopard, Red Wolf,” is the first in his “Dark Star” trilogy. James will discuss the making of his first novel and more.



The annual event will take place Feb. 26-28 at the Atlanta and Savannah campuses. Listen to lectures and see performances and exhibitions. This year’s honoree is Lawrence Weiner.