Written and photographed by Sarah Kopkin.

My name is Sarah Kopkin and I am a second-year photography student at SCAD. I started getting into photography during my second year in high school.

The ability to capture a specific moment in time, from a landscape to manipulating time itself to get the perfect shot, is powerful. No two shots are ever the exact same. As an actor and photographer, understanding the process of working behind the camera makes me more effective when I’m in front of it.

The shoots I enjoy are the ones with substance behind them, rather than something that is easy. I love to get messy and go for shoots that are not typical or glamorous.

The concept for this series came to me as I was watching a commercial for a fast-food chain, featuring an attractive female model promoting a greasy cheeseburger.

The media loves to sexualize these tiny, perfectly shaped women and use them to sell unhealthy food we know they don’t eat.  I was also inspired by a Charli XCX music video for her song “Boys.” The video features boys in scenarios that would typically be shot with a hot female model instead. After watching this, my idea was set.