I went out with some friends to the annual Spring Festival on Ponce at the historic Olmsted Linear Park. Amongst the beautifully landscaped trees and spring blooms of the park, the two-day festival consisted of more than 125 independent artists and craft-makers who showcased and sold their works. There were also several musicians, food carts and trucks, non-profit information booths and fun activities for children and families.

Photo by Josiah Persad.

Thousands of locals and visitors, both humans and dogs, roamed through the park during this weekend of lovely weather. It was the perfect setting for great outdoor family time.

Soy candles, handmade jewelry, oil and canvas paintings, photography prints, ceramic bird baths and pottery pieces were just some of the many types of fine art and crafts featured in the festival.

Overall, this event was very beneficial for the community of artists in Atlanta. As an art student, seeing the abundance of unique works from professionals in the industry, in this large walk-through exhibition, was truly inspiring. I can’t wait to see what next year’s festival has to offer!