The Environmentally Concerned Organization (ECO) presents ‘Footprint,’ a fair celebrating Earth Day on Friday, April 19. Students are invited to join them at SCADpad between 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. to participate in various fun-filled activities.

Courtesy of ECO.

In collaboration with other clubs at SCAD Atlanta such as Fountain, The Marksmen, SCAD ATL Radio and the Faculty Sustainability Council, this fair aims to raise awareness about the collective carbon footprint we leave on the environment and how that affects our planet and in turn, us.

‘Footprint 2018’ by Hannah Pasadeg.

ECO has organized many fun art-related activities for Earth Day such as Do It Yourself (DIY) Sketchbooks, Easter egg decorating, and music and performances — all bound to make this fair memorable. The scenic view of the city from SCADpad and free food for the students is also an expected highlight.

‘Footprint 2018’ by Hannah Pasadeg.

“We need to break the generational gap, we need to realize that change starts with us,” said Gabi Madrid, President of ECO. “I am determined to educate people about the impact of our carbon footprint.”

“The problem lies with our choices, we consciously choose convenience over sustenance,” the fourth-year Sculpture student added, “things are changing, for better or for worse, we’ll find out. ”