Some friends and I went out over the weekend into the streets of Atlanta asking random people if they would like a portrait taken. Most of them were actually very happy to engage. You’d be surprised at how many interesting people you can meet in the city.

I encourage you to try this whenever you’re bored or when you need to practice your photography. You don’t have to pay models or even go to a fancy location; it’s super easy. You may feel intimidated at first to ask a random person for a picture, but after a few attempts you’ll get the hang of it.

Atlanta is full of tons of uniquely interesting and photogenic people. For example, this stylish lady was just heading home from a beauty pageant and was super excited when we asked for a photo.

We also got the opportunity to hear several stories from these individuals while they expressed how they felt in these photos. I hope you have fun capturing people in your city. Remember to respectively get consent to capture them and even offer to send them the photos.