Ivy Hall Review, the literary journal of SCAD Atlanta, hosted a spring reading featuring works by few students featured in the journal over the past few months.

(From left) Lila Dostal, Elliot R. Casteel, Manav Chordia, Alejandro and Kelly Quintana.

The students, Elliot R. Casteel, Kelly Quintana, Manav Chordia, Alejandro Bastidas, and graduate editor Lila Dostal, read excerpts from their published works for the audience.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of this reading and excited to share my work with great creative minds at SCAD, as I hope to become more active in our writing community.” said Alejandro Bastidas, a second-year writing student. “I’ve also been encouraged by this opportunity to pursue further exposure in my other literary projects,” he added.

(From left) Prof. Linda Sherbert, Adriana, Madison Moats and Catalina Cano.

Catalina Cano, a second-year writing student who participated in the Ivy Hall Review’s winter reading said, “Being able to read excerpts of my work at the Ivy Hall Review meeting was a pleasing experience. We had the opportunity to hear from different types of writers which gave us some insight on how writing can be boundless.”

The audience consisted of a number of students, faculty members and the mentor for the writing department, Trina Love. Lila Dostal, the graduating editor of the Ivy Hall Review, closed the ceremony by thanking the guests who attended the event and announced her departure from the literary journal.