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The Connector

There are many reasons people date. Some are searching for a soulmate, others are sexual predators and some are afraid to be alone.

The Jonny System puts into perspective what to look for in a girl. First, create the perfect girl. Write down specifics. List as many details possible. From there, compare every girl you come across to your perfect girl. When you find her (or enough qualities that satisfy you), you know she’s worth the chase.

My perfect girl has tan skin, long legs and large breasts. She has dark hair, entrancing eyes and a pearly smile. She has to be smart. In fact, she has to be an astrophysicist with access to planetarium telescopes and a level three government clearance card. She has to love the outdoors (especially surfing). And most of all, she has to be laid back, very, very laid back.

So what do I do until I find her?

I have fun. I live the life I want to live. I’m free. I’m not on a quest to find love – that’s for hopeless romantics AKA sissies.

The Jonny System has rules to meeting girls. It gets rid of the games.

Rule One:
You have to love yourself. If you don’t love yourself, how can a girl love you? Guys go wrong trying to be something they’re not.

Rule Two:
When it comes to females use an Evolutionist mindset – consider women to be primates. Consider all humans to be evolved primates. And if you let yourself get broken-hearted over a primate, well, that’s just silly.

Rule Three:
When talking to a girl, don’t use pickup lines or pre-think what you’re going to say. Let it naturally flow. Never force it.

Rule Four:
Also when talking to a girl, never talk about yourself. I heard a quote that stuck with me from awhile back —“The world doesn’t care about you or what you have to say. The best way to get by is to sit back and listen.”

Girls love to talk about themselves. Sadly, girls don’t care about what a guy has to say. When she asks about you, give one word responses and change the subject back to her.

Rule Five:
Never chase! Don’t be a club kid going out five nights a week looking for girls. For guys that can’t wait to get into a relationship — pump the brakes. Consider being single an extended vacation. You have your entire life to spend with a spouse. Enjoy the “you” time.

Final Rule:
Never change. Always be and do you!