1. You can pronounce the word Utrecht with ease. — Hey, can you give me a ride to Ooo … Yuuu … Nevermind, I’ll just walk to Sam Flax.

  2. You haven’t seen a jock in years. — What a strange and foreign species … I wonder if they speak our language?

  3. None of your friends watch sports. — It looks like that fellow slam dunked the pigskin!

  4. You think that 30 people is a massive class size. — And then you find out that other colleges have class sizes to the hundreds. How terrifying.

  5. Your friends keep bugging you to make art for them. — Dude, am I just supposed to do this for free in my spare time? What spare time?

  6. Your classmates don’t wear shoes. — Or they have other strange fashion choices. Good for you, you unique kid you.

  7. Math and science is a joke to you. — And the fact that you only need to take it once is a major relief.

  8. You know the difference between “naked” and “nude.” — It’s all about intention … Right?

  9. You’ve mastered the art of B.S. — I decided to leave the canvas blank to represent how empty our lives are in this modern era.

  10. Most of your blood consists of caffeine. — YAAASSSSS STARBUCKKSSSSS! *takes a pic for Instagram*

  11. Critiquing is a natural habit. — I like the way you rendered it, but what does it mean?

  12. You know how to argue why your major is relevant. — And how to convince people that you won’t be working at Starbucks after graduation.

  13. You’ve had heated discussions about cartoons. — They’re not just for kids! Aquaman isn’t that lame! Marvel is better than DC!

  14. You have yet to learn the Greek alphabet. — Alpha, Beta, Gamma … What do I need to know this for?

  15. There’s more charcoal on your face than the canvas. — And you’ve probably inhaled even more when you fell asleep during that all-nighter.

  16. You hysterically laugh when someone mentions “sleep.” — You only got four hours of sleep last night? Lucky!

  17. If you had a dollar for everytime you complained about a project you’d still be broke. — Paints and pizza and paper … Oh my!

  18. You’re never sure if a project is due tomorrow. — No, but seriously, let me just check the syllabus just to make sure.

  19. You’ve done a minimalist style to finish a project faster. — Looks like it’s due tomorrow after all.

  20. You know what colors are and aren’t creative. — Green. Just … Green.

Photo illustration by: Jo Arellanes


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