SCAD FASH Museum of Fashion and Film hosted a reception for students Jan. 19, highlighting the museum’s two current exhibits, “Embellished: Adornment Through the Ages” and “Threads of History: Two Hundred Years of Fashion.”

The event encouraged students to dress up in historical outfits and offered music and refreshments.

A dress from the 19th century is on display for the exhibition “Threads of History: Two Hundred Years of Fashion.” The exhibition featured men and women’s garments from the mid-18th to the mid-20th century. Photo by Emma Dakin.

“Every time we have a new exhibition we like to plan a reception exclusively for the students,” said Rachel Evans, operations manager of SCAD FASH. “We want students to have a fun time and to explore what’s on display.”

Both exhibits chronicle American and European fashion from the mid-18th century to the mid-20th century and were curated by Rafael Gomes, SCAD director of fashion exhibitions, with assistance from Luca Lo Sicco, SCAD professor of fashion marketing and management.

“‘Embellished: Adornment Through the Ages’ is hats and accessories and other curiosities from the mid-1700s to the mid-1900s,” said Evans. “The second exhibit, ‘Threads of History’, are the full garments that would accompany these accessories from the same time period, both men and women’s ensembles.”

The majority of the garments on display are courtesy of Raffaello Piraino, a fashion professor and collector from Palermo, Italy.

A jeweled crown is one of several artifacts on display in the “Embellished: Adornment Through the Ages” exhibition. The exhibition also displays artifacts such as glasses, parasols and shoes. Photo by Emma Dakin.

“We’re excited to debut these items here at SCAD FASH so that students and anyone else in Georgia can come see them because it’s a really incredible collection,” said Evans.

Evans also said that while the museum is about fashion and film, she hopes students understand the museum is resource for everyone.

“Hopefully, students see that SCAD FASH is for all majors, and that the exhibitions we display are inspiring to anyone who is creative,” said Evans.

“Embellished: Adornment Through the Ages” is on view now through Sunday, Jan. 29, and “Threads of History: Two Hundred Years of Fashion” is on view now through Sunday, Mar. 19.

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