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“Winged” by Katie Miller

Lady of the house,
If I may intrude
Though I be unwelcome and rude,
I cannot resist
The seeping stench
Coming from this silent address.

Caked films of white
Clinging to clutter,
To trinkets on shelves,
Stick like immortal snow.

Corpses of creatures
Strangled by silk
Collect in corners.
A hundred gray winged things
An infestation feasts violently
Trapped in the coat closet.

Lady of the house,
Wrinkled and withered
Your hair silver and sparse.
Red rivers stop flowing
Beneath spotted skin.
Your cold crooked fingers
With mine finally meet.

You perishable tent
Contributing dust
Behind tattered drapes,
Hoarding must
In a house corrupted by rust.

Porcelain idols encased in glass
With sleepy eyes
And painted pouts
Faithless friends mock you.
Antique lady
A sitting rotting thing.

Lady of the house,
If I may escort you.
Like a swarm of moths set free
With paper wings
Let us float.
Like a million glittering specks
Rising into the night sky.