The Writer’s Corner features poetry, essays, short stories, satire and various fiction and non-fiction from SCAD Atlanta students.  This quarter we are starting a weekly haiku series. Haiku is a type of Japanese poetry with 17 syllables separated into 3 lines with each line having 5, 7 and 5 syllables respectively. It speaks a lot in the fewest possible words. To submit your own work for the Writer’s Corner, email Weekly Haiku No. 2 by Keyuri Tatu  

Strange Encounters

I met her softened eyes.

My lips broke into a half smile.

Her lips couldn’t move.


The sun slapped his face,

And when his hand blocked the yellow,

She stood in its shade.


They walked over the zebra

At white, their hands brushed,

At black they were strangers.

Paulomi Mukherjee

Hi! I’m an Animation student at the Savannah College of Art and Design. I write for the SCAD Connector as features editor! Writing, like drawing has always been a passion of mine. It helps me vocalise things that are otherwise harder to say or share. Feel free to reach out to me through Facebook or Email if there is something you want to share or think needs to be said on The SCAD Connector!